The Strawberry Wall banger and Lemon Sherbert podcast

By: Daniel Adams

two cocktails created by G & I Spirit Group Ltd

Cocktail recipes….. Wait how much vodka?

Now we have tasted all six bottles, it’s time for some cocktails! G & I have sent us a pdf with several recipes. Great stuff. Problem is: measurements are unclear. No worries, we can improvise. We are cocktail people after all. We start off with a “Strawberry Wallbanger”. A mixture of 88 Vodka, 88 Gin, Orange Juice, Galliano and strawberry liqueur. I liked it! Travis did not, but he doesn’t like a Sea Breeze cocktail…. Who doesn’t like one of those? Furthermore, we get hung up on the fact that we can’t taste the alcohol. This is nonsense, we’ve been drinking alcohol now for a good hour, we are numb to detecting the stuff. 

Why call it the “88”?

As we slowly start to delve into the nonsense part of our podcast, such as how bad Travis’ wifi is and how some guy in Nittendorf, Bavaria has fibre-optic cables, I ponder… why is it called 88? There must be a logical reason why both their vodka and gin have this name. The Jillions Gin has its own story and worth a quick read.  If you know Simon, please write to me, ignore this question and tell me about something completely unrelated.

Shake time....

If you are annoyed by the sounds of ice and liquid being beaten together in a shaker, just inches from the lav mic, then let me know. Travis needs to be told. Especially the second time around, as he prepared the Lemon Sherbert cocktail. A Blend of the 88 Gin, fresh lemon juice, sugar water, and topped with bitter lemon. Wow, that’s a lot of lemon! Either way, both cocktails were, in my opinion, tasty and very easy to drink. We did complain about that, but really… I think we just come across as whingers. We were having a great time. Moving on...


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