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The daddy of cherry brandies, made to a recipe dating from 1818 and matured for three years before bottling. One of the original ingredients in the first Singapore Sling created at the Raffles Hotel.

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Peter Heering is a Danish manufacturer of liqueurs, most famous for Heering Cherry Liqueur, a liqueur flavored with cherries which is often referred to simply as Peter Heering or Cherry Heering in cocktail recipes. Heering Cherry Liqueur has been produced since 1818, and the company is purveyor to the Royal Danish Court and to Queen Elizabeth II. It is sold in more than 100 countries. Heering Cherry Liqueur is an ingredient of cocktails including the Singapore Sling, and Blood & Sand.

Cherry Heering is used in baking; some of the alcohol evaporates.

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Nose: Intense, pungent aromas of sour cherries and coriander, with marzipan in the background.

Palate: Syrupy texture, best described as liquid Cherry Bakewell. The spicy notes from the nose are noticeably absent initially.

Finish: Intense cherry flavours slowly dissipate, leaving a subtly spicy finish, reminiscent of cloves.

Comment: It’s too intense as a standalone drink, but I can see why this works in cocktails – the balance between sweetness and spiciness is superb, and the purity of the cherry flavour is unlike anything I’ve had before in a liqueur.

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