The Syrup Co

The Syrup Co


With backgrounds from Ph.D. in molecular biology to finance and sales, Patrik Roberto and Frederik, have come together with the goal to improve the quality of the beverage industry and provide a new level of drink experience for the restaurant guest. We combine the known with the unknown, by basing all products on a well know fruit and extracting the fruit’s real flavor by complementing it with infusions of teas and herbs.

It is important for us to educate people that a real mature passionfruit is sweet, and lemon should not be tart and bitter. We believe that no matter what, simple ingredients can provide more flavor than all the synthetic aromas in the world, combined.

By working with more than 100 bars and restaurants in Denmark we have co-developed original and well-balanced drinks, with a lower cost per serving than most organic and craft beverages in the industry.

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The Syrup Co


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