Thomas Henry

Thomas Henry


Innovative spirit changes the world. But something truly new can only be created if someone is willing to risk new combinations – and that also applies to the world of drinks. You can never discover new territory by always mixing the same ingredients. A dram of knowledge, a shot of inspiration, a double shot of courage and a splash of luck – that is the recipe for an innovative bar culture.

Our pioneer is Thomas Henry. Pharmacist, gentleman, member of the Royal Society and relentless discoverer on behalf of humanity – his invention revolutionised the industry. He made water non-perishable through meticulousness and seemingly alchemistic knowledge. By 1773, he had revolutionised the world of drinks with his inspiration and courage: soft drinks with carbonation – connoisseur Thomas Henry was the first to realise this – gives mixed drinks a previously unheard of youthful freshness and a pleasantly mature character.

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Thomas Henry


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