Fever-Tree is the world's leading supplier of premium carbonated mixers for alcoholic spirits by retail sales value, with distribution to over 70 countries internationally.

Based in the UK, the brand was launched in 2005 by Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow to provide high quality mixers which could accompany the growing demand for premium spirits. The Group now sells a range of 14 differentiated flavours to hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes ("On Trade") as well as supermarkets and off-licenses for retail purchase ("Off Trade"). Approximately 50 per cent. of the Group's sales were derived from outside of the UK in FY17 (FY16 56 per cent.) with key overseas markets including the USA, Spain, and Belgium.

The Group's mixers are designed to be accompaniments for alcoholic spirits or used in cocktails, although they can also be consumed on their own. The range now includes 6 variants of tonic water, 2 variants of lemonade, 3 variant of ginger ale and one each of ginger beer, soda water and cola.

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