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Commonwealth Cocktails is a small startup that is focused on providing great cocktails and related material. We find, test, create, and document all the cocktails we can. We look for established products and brands as well as up and coming producers. We explore the world of spirits, liquors, wines, beers, tools, and mores to bring you meaningful articles that will imporve your libations.

Commonwealth Cocktails provides a distillers website hosting service. We do this because we found that most distillers esttablish a very static site that doesn't tend to get updated with new content very often. Most distillers put up a couple of cocktails on their site but then don't continue to add to the list. We provide all of our cocktails and articles to the distillers we host so they can constantly have new content to improve their search results. Because we are always updating our website your website is also always updated. All our content and resources are available to our hosted distillers. The goal for distiller hosted sites is to drive traffic to increase brand and product awareness while getting the site to pay for itself without exposing your customers to aggressive advertising.

We got here because our founder is a software developer who wanted to learn a new programming language. He also loves to make cocktails. These 2 very different interests came together to create Commonwealth Cocktails. As he was researching distillers to get ideas on how to imporve the site and write articles he realized that most distillers seem to pay for a website one time and then they don't tend to update their website. He realized he could help.


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