The Chocolate & Lime Margarita podcast

By: Daniel Adams

The Chocolate & Lime margarita podcast

G & I Spirits… Who are they?

If you have made it this far, you may have heard the name “G & I Spirits” mentioned a few times. The issue is, that’s not their name. It’s G & I Spirit Group Ltd. I’m not sure if they care or not, but i’m glad I cleared that up. Furthermore, I want to thank them for sending us their collection of unique and wonderful spirits. From Travis and I at Booze & Banter: “May we” salute you?

Our last cocktail of this review

The Chocolate and Lime Margarita is a fine blend of one and a half parts Mis Amigos Choc n Lime, 1 part lime juice and one and a half parts Cointreau. Travis was originally apprehensive about this Mis Amigos bottle and it turned out to be delicious. As it goes, the margarita also turned out to be the cocktail of the night! We didn’t add the salt rim and I believe we left out the garnish too, but to be fair, we had had enough citrus by now. Either way, we loved it. 

Tik what?

If you are unaware of TikTok, an app where people upload 15-second long videos, virtually no talent required, then listen to Travis explain its complexities. Furthermore, if you are a VSCO girl, then this may be the podcast for you. I now realise how much time I have wasted reading books and studying, while I could have been making sksksksksk sounds on videos and becoming mildly famous (I haven’t read that many books). 

Secret dad time

If any tradition has been kicked off here during this multi-part podcast, it’s “secret dad time”. A moment at the end of the night where we are able to give advice on such problems as chinese burns, when not to get pregnant, how to treat syphilis with household objects and why you don’t want to bare a child genius (they may kill you…). We will have more handy tips next time. 

That’s it!

Our plan is to be back real soon! So if you want your products reviewed by us and you like our podcast, then please contact us. Here is a complete list of G & I’s pdf cocktail list made bespokely for us. There are some we didn’t make, but would love to hear how they taste… Furthermore, if any of them are too complex to make, then just stick with a good old fashioned G&T. We recommend it made with Jillions Gin, Fever Tree Tonic and a splash of lime juice. 

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