The Pornstar Martini podcast

By: Daniel Adams

The Porn Star Martini Podcast

Welcome back to part… I have no idea.

We have slowed down, drinking and mixing less and rambling more. Let’s hope we don’t admit anything personal. If you ever wonder why it’s called “Booze & Banter” and not just “Booze”, things will become apparent with part 4, also its a great alliteration name. Not that we don’t banter all the way through each podcast, it’s just now it’s all unscripted, tipsy, verging on humourous, silly billy nonsense. 

The pornstar martini

We’ll make just one cocktail for this episode. The Pornstar Martini. I wish this was served with a free robot. They are expensive. I really want this cocktail to be more alluring and maybe also a bit smutty in origin, but the only reason it's called “pornstar” is because of the passion fruit liqueur. Furthermore, it’s original name was the Maverick Martini. What’s in it? Well... Double 88 vodka, single Passoã, double passion fruit juice and topped with prosecco. We left out the simple syrup. 

How do you make passion fruit juice……? I don’t know, you squeeze it I guess. 

The issue with getting drunk and trying to maintain an air of intelligence is that you sometimes come out with questions like this. Having now thought about it, I do realize that making juice from any kind of fruit must involve only squeezing. If you know of a fruit that requires other forms of human clenching, then write to me, this information is important. 

Please explain more about “erotic teasers”

With every podcast from now on, we will strive to give some hearty and healthy lifestyle advice. Here goes it for this one: If you are ever confused about how to create both a productive and enjoyable workday, look no further than my friends’ commute. In the morning, he listens to some informative and somewhat anthropological books, such as Malcolm Gladwell’s “Talking to strangers” or Bill Bryson’s “At home” to name a few. This puts him in a mood to deal with people, life and general work frustrations. On the way back from work, he has earned his keep. No more learning now, just the sounds of some hit or miss erotica books. Narrated, no doubt, in a steamy voice. If you’re ever confused about when you should be listening to erotic novels, it’s in the car. These include Erotic teasers, Sweet Danger and Begging for it. Once home, put on the Booze & Banter podcast and make yourself a cocktail. Don’t masturbate in the car.


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