Booze & Banter: Part 2

By: Daniel Adams


Out of control fans

More than a month has passed since we released our very first podcast and things couldn’t be more different. People notice me in the street, fan mail is piling up at the door, old ladies are sending me their bras. It’s totally insane.

What were we to do? Make the second podcast of course! At the risk of my wife finding even more low-hanging lingerie in my cupboard, Travis and I powered forward and started ordering pop filters, mixers and bottles of gin from England. It was mayhem!

This time, we had prepared notes, guidelines and content, and by “we”, I mean Travis. In fact, without him, we would simply be drinking warm beer in a dark alleyway, recording on our cheap smartphones until the batteries died. Seriously, he does everything. All I do is turn up and wait for my facial before going on.

If you are tuning in to my nonsense for the first time, please don’t be put off. Everything I am saying is a mixture of lies and fantasy. Do you really want to hear the truth all the time? Someone once said “the truth will set you free!”. This is waffle. It will annoy you and at best not make you miserable. Ask people to lie to you more often.

Yorkshire’s Export

Ok, so what was the podcast about? Divine Gin from Yorkshire. What is it? A sipping gin! What’s that? A gin that needs nothing but maybe some ice cubes. How was it? Brilliant! We sipped way more than we had intended. And then we had cocktails they recommended. Will we order it again? Absolutely, if they sort out delivery to Germany. Why am I asking myself questions?  Because I am on my own.

After making two podcasts with my good friend, I can honestly say we are both already having a lot of fun exploring the wonderful world of cocktails and spirits.

Needy men are attractive

But we are both equally needy men and we want some feedback! And not just from Travis’ mum! (Although, thanks for the iTunes review Travis’ mum).

If you love the way the world is shifting towards craft distilleries opening up all over the place, inventing unique flavours and you want us to review a bottle that you know is simply awesome, then write to us.

At this point, we are so void of any attention and human interaction, we will take feedback from:

  • Russian spammers
  • Children
  • People who don’t speak English
  • French people

Until we grow from our non-existent fanbase, we will accept all attempts of communication! Then, once we are huge, we will politely ignore you!

Thank you Rachel from R2 Distillers (makers of Divine Gin) for making contact with me via LinkedIn. I am very happy to have tried your fantastic booze. You now have a substancial benchmark for all the liquors we do not yet know exist.

P.S. Please confirm whether we were right about the hints of cumin, or whether we are in fact just two morons!

Stay tuned for our next podcast! And by “stay tuned”, I really mean, get on with your lives!

Divine Gin


Photo by Thomas Le on Unsplash

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