Canned cheese and Sipping Divine Gin

By: Daniel Adams

Divine Gin and podcast number 2

Pseudo-cheese inhaling

Have you ever tried to record a podcast about a gin, then got mildly drunk and poured canned cheese into your mouth, while your friend sitting opposite you rambles on about something potentially relevant, but you haven't listened, so you just nod, ouze vacuity and swallow cheese? Yes? I thought so. What is canned cheese? Only an American can answer this.

Dan and easy cheese

Preparation, preparation, forget preparation

When Travis and I set out to do our second ever podcast last night, it was with great professional intentions. He had prepared notes and even new rules (no burping, gratuitous swearing, or mentioning things our other halves told us in complete confidence etc.).

We had evolved since our first ever podcast a month ago. We were nervously excited. In front of us was a bottle, one that we would most likely never have tried if it wasn’t for this podcast.

Everything was prepared and ready to be used. Did we stick to the script? I don’t remember doing so! At one point I drunkenly glanced at the sheet in front of me, read a bullet point, then looked up at the window, thinking about having some cheese. I don’t remember if I ate any. By the end though, that spray can was empty. 

Northern England

Our delve into the wonderful world of cocktails and distillers has lead us to a micro-distillery in West Yorkshire: “R2 Distillers” the makers of Divine Gin. Well, we didn’t go there, we just had some pleasant chats with their owner. One thing leads to another, and we still didn’t go there. Instead, we sourced a bottle from MasterofMalt and planned our second podcast around it.

Divine Gin

Sipping Gin (what’s that?)

If I’m completely honest, I have never tried a “sipping gin” before. Should I admit that? probably not. I occasionally have a vodka neat, but gin has always required a mixer (or maybe a crushed lime and brown sugar, splendid!). So what is it like drinking Divine Gin on the rocks? Well, fantastic! Travis and I agreed on that right away. With hints of cumin (we think) and cinnamon fragrances, it has to be the best gin I’ve ever tasted!

We made a couple of cocktails after that (a “Negroni" followed by an “Angel”), but both conceded that although tasty, the highlight of the tasting was just the Divine with a large ice cube. What am I saying, I love cocktails.

As we hone our skills as podcasters, amateur mixologists and critics, I look forward to trying more gems like Divine. They have set the bar nice and high for our next tasting.


Photo by Uriel Soberanes on Unsplash

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