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Kir (IBA) Description

This cocktail was created by the by Canon Kir, Mayor of Dijon, France (1946-1968). At his receptions he served an aperitif made with the locally produced crème de cassis and Bourgogne Aligoté white wine. The concoction eventually became known as Kir aperitif.

Recipe Ingredients

½   shot(s)  
3   shot(s)  


Recipe Steps/Method

  1. Here is how you make it:
  2. Pour Crme de Cassis into glass top up with white wine.

Yield: Yield: 1 Serving

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Kir (IBA) Origin

Canon Félix Kir's traditional white wine and cassis aperitif with added vodka 'oomph'. A barspoon of pisco adds complexity to this cocktail but if available instead use Marc de Bourgogne, the eau-de-vie Canon Kir would have chosen.

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