Russian Spring Punch (IBA)

Original Source: International Bartenders Association

Russian Spring Punch (IBA) Description

Well-balanced, complex and refreshing.

Recipe Ingredients

¾   shot(s)  
½   shot(s)  
¼   shot(s)  
¾   shot(s)  
    top off with  


Recipe Steps/Method

  1. Here is how you make it:
  2. Shake the ingredients and pour into glass. Top with Champagne.

Yield: Yield: 1 Serving

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Russian Spring Punch (IBA) Origin

Created in the 1980s by Dick Bradsell, London, England. In the Dec-Jan 1998 edition of CLASS magazine (page 6), Dick wrote of this drink, “Many springs ago, I conceived the Russian Spring Punch which is basically a spiked Kir Royal over ice. This conforms to the punch formula of 1 sweet, 2 sour, 3 strong, 4 weak except the most of the ‘weak’ bit (normally soda or juice) is replaced with champagne, turning the recipe into a sledgehammer of a cocktail. To make, fill a Collins glass with ice. Add 50ml best vodka, 25ml lemon juice, two teaspoons of cassis and two teaspoons of sugar syrup. Top with champagne and stir. Garnish with a lemon slice and some berries.”

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