Florida Rum | A Podcast Review | Ziami Part 1

By: Daniel Adams

Booze & Banter, with Dan and Travis and a rando

As we kick off our podcast review of a set of rums made in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we introduce to you Jon. Jon is a homeless guy we picked up to make our duo a trio. We said he could have some free liquor made by a craft distillery from somewhere in the world. A unique experience that would include trying some cocktails, giving our honest opinions of the spirits and then delving into the unknown that is nonsense conversation. His response was “you had me at ‘free liquor’”. Also, he is not homeless. 

Florida Rum... with that, I mean Ziami Rum

The Florida Rum Company make three types of rum, all of which carry the name Ziami. It is the first time that we have a sampled a collection made by an American distillery, and I must admit I was really looking forward to it. Furthermore, we are for the first time doing a rum episode. A liquor that has, in recent times, made a resurgence amongst spirit lovers and may even overtake gin as the new craft craze. 

Ziami Platinum Rum

As you may know from listening to previous podcasts, we start off by trying the collection in neat form. After sampling all three, this was, and we all agreed, the best of the Ziami collection. The word “smooth” was used several times and rightfully so. But the Platinum Rum is their signature bottle, and you would expect it to be. I did ridicule the description on the bottle, but then I always do. I only enjoy reading them if they sprout the bullshit. 

Ziami OverProof Rum

Travis assured us that this bottle is not even available to the public yet. In fact, on their website, a page that requires one day to load, they do not even advertise it. To summarise, we all agreed that to drink this neat (65% ABV or 130% Proof), you would need some Nordic or Slavic balls to not wince once it hits your throat. That being said, we all liked it. Agreeing that diluting it in a cocktail, let’s say an Adios Motherfucker (a cocktail Jon has said he will never drink again) would be more suitable. 

Ziami Ruby Rush Rum

We all loved this one. Nice and girly and to be enjoyed poolside, or lying in a bath because you are too poor to own or visit a pool. Grapefruit has a number of health benefits, none of which probably survive the distilling process, but that’s not the point to drinking a great craft spirit. All in all, Ziami have created a diverse three rums, each tending to a different kind of palate and not at all like each other. We all thoroughly enjoyed trying these neat. Listen to the first part of the Ziami podcast here. 


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