Booze and Banter - Part 1

By: Daniel Adams

Booze and banter: podcast 1

After some weeks and months of talking about it, two weeks ago Travis and I finally made our first podcast recording. Currently, you can find it on Itunes (click here to open a new window). 

Our intentions:

We are not experts on alcohol (although my liver would argue that I should be) nor are we professional comedians with a catalog of jokes to refer to. What we are is two guys, with a passion for cocktails and other good drinks and the ability to talk a little nonsense for far too long. Cue “Booze and banter. The Cocktails and nonsense podcast”.

You may think that the combination of drinking alcohol and talking nonsense is our original idea, but shockingly it’s not. All over the world, people do this every day. So why would you want to tune in to a Brit and a Yank doing this? Well, first of all, once we start slurring and repeating ourselves, we simply cut that from the recording. Imagine the good stuff of drinks with friends minus the repetitive drivel plus a hint of silliness and humor.

Our first review:

For our first recording, we took a whiskey sampler set Pràban na Linne Whisky:(Amazon link) and reviewed the five 5cl bottles. Both I and Travis gave our honest opinions of each mini bottle, starting with the Té Bheag and ending with a 21 year-old Poit Dhubh. It was a mixed bag, but overall a good batch of drinks for us to get our teeth into. 

Pràban na Linne Whisky

The future of B&B:

We have so many delicious cocktails to review already listed on this site and we intend to use some great vodkas, gins, whiskeys etc. from all over the world to keep them interesting. We will aim for three per episode. Furthermore, we’ll be attending some events, such as beer festivals, and holding some recordings on location.

We hope you enjoy our first podcast attempt and that you stick with us for more booze and banter in the near future. If you like what we do and want to send any feedback or would like us to review something, contact us and we’ll try our best to please you.


Photo by Dan LeFebvre on Unsplash

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