Alexander (IBA)

Original Source: International Bartenders Association

Alexander (IBA) Description

The Alexander that we have here is made with cognac. We found this through the International Bartenders Association (IBA) and it is really the most basic Alexander recipe we could find. This Alexander is actually a variation of the Alexander that was invented in the 1930s that was made with gin. This Alexander with cognac and Creme de Cacao really has a nice deep spicy chocolate flavour and the cream creates a wonderfully silky profile.

Recipe Ingredients

1   ounce(s)  
1   ounce(s)  
1   ounce(s)  


Recipe Steps/Method

  1. Here is how you make it:
  2. Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Yield: Yield: 1 Serving

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Alexander (IBA) Comment

While the original Alexander was made with gin this one is made with cognac. A popular variation is the Brandy Alexander which is made with, well, brandy. You could actually use any number of other spirits to produce a huge variation of Alexander.

The fresh ground nutmeg garnish is a really nice touch but if you'd prefer to use no nutmeg it is not required.

Alexander (IBA) Origin

The Alexander is thought to be invented in the 1930’s but no one is quite sure. One of the theories is that a bartender named Troy Alexander invented it at a Bar called Rector’s.

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