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It is also known as a 3 piece shaker or a cobbler shaker. 

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This a best shaker for beginners.  It consists of 3 parts. The main part is a much like a Boston Shaker, but then it has a top with a built-in strainer, and then a cop to go on the top piece.  While the top does have a built-in strainer we still recommend straining through a proper cocktail strainer.  This is because the built-in strainer typically has very large holes while a single purpose cocktail strainer is typically a mesh, like a fine mesh strainer, or some other filter, i.e. a Hawthorn strainer with a series of finer rings/holes or Julep strainer with finer holes.

There is a lot of debate about which is the better shaker, a Standart or Boston.  The Standard shakers typically have a lower volume and require more cleaning.  For a professional bar, this is not ideal during high volume times.  For the home bartender, the extra effort of cleaning is minimal and the smaller volume is more suited to single drink creation. Please note that with cocktails having egg whites or syrup you will have to get into all the nooks and crannies and really clean the top.

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